If you are trying to decide if you should set your business up on Facebook as a business page or a personal timeline, the decision should be simple. Mainly because it is in violation  of section 4, line 4 of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to use a personal timeline as a business page.


But even though Facebook frowns upon using a personal timeline as a business page and can even shut your Facebook page down for violating their policies, you may still be considering it. After all, you have seen other businesses use a personal timeline as a business page, and they have lots of “friends”. And it is easier to get “friends” with a personal timeline, because you can request to be their friend. On a business page, you can’t do this. They have to reach out and “like” you in order to become a fan of your business.


There is a subtle difference between a “friend” and a “fan”, but it is an important one. When you have a friend, especially one that you have reached out to and requested friendship, they like you, but they may not necessarily like your business. They may not have a need for your business or know of anyone who does. They will add to your friend quantity, but they may not add quality. After a while, if they don’t have a need for your products or services, they may even hide your posts from their timeline. You will think you have a large following, but you will never really know if you do.


A fan, on the other hand, has made an effort to reach out to your business because they like what you have to offer. They have either done business with you and have been happy with your service, or they are interested in doing business with you and want to find out more about how you can assist them. They add quality as well as quantity to your number of followers.


Although it may give your ego a boost to have a large number of connections on your Facebook page, you can’t measure your page success by the number of friends you have. Instead, you should be measuring your success by the amount of interaction between your connections. 10 people actively talking about your business is more beneficial than 100 people quietly listening while you talk about your business. The more you can get people talking about your business online, the more they will talk about it offline.

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