Because digital marketing is a relatively new concept, in contrast to traditional marketing methods, many business owners find the idea marketing online to be a bit daunting. There are so many things to think about; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search, social media channels, content creation, customer experience design, etc. It can be so overwhelming that many SMB owners decide it isn’t worth investing the massive amount of time it is perceived to need.


To avoid becoming overwhelmed I suggest you break digital marketing into three connected strategies that, when repeated regularly, will bring you the greater success.


  • Focus on creating content your customers will find useful. Decide what content your target customers are interested in.  Articles, blogs, and videos that provide useful and interesting information assist in creating an “expert” image for your company. When potential customers see you as an expert in your industry, they become more engaged with your brand and the likelihood that they will purchase from you increases.


  • Promote your content: Publishing a useful blog is only valuable if it gets in front of your target customers. You need to be where your target customers already are online. If that means connecting with them on Twitter, then  use Twitter to target specific groups. If they are on LinkedIn join in the conversations in the communities where your customers are. Share links to your content on social channels like Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter to help broaden awareness of your content.


  • Analyze the Results: The Internet is a very big place, and although you may be producing the most relevant and exciting information in your industry, if your potential client isn’t seeing it, it doesn’t matter. Analyze how often your content is viewed and shared using tools like Google Analytics,  to help you determine placement of content so that your customers will see it. Use blog tools to analyze which posts are most frequently read, shared and liked. Do your customers prefer a certain kind of content?


Remember these tactics using the acronym CPR – Content, Promote, Results. Create content that your customers will find interesting, publicize your content, and analyze the performance of the content to make sure it is working to meet your intended goals (increased sales, increased brand recognition, etc.). CPR, repeated regularly, will give life to your digital strategy. And remember, it takes time to build a following – don’t expect people to follow your content without putting in the effort to promote it.

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