Welcome to BizBrick Digital!

Our goal is to help small businesses grow using the tools and resources available to them online.  We bring over 25 years of knowledge of sales, marketing and customer experience to help small/medium businesses evolve using digital technology.

We are passionate about technology and the power it has to transform. The Internet has changed how we think, interact and do business. Traditional supply and demand strategies are no longer relevant, and to be successful, businesses need to adopt more advanced, inbound marketing strategies that engage and empower their customers.

We work with companies to help them gain a new understanding of their customer, improve their online user experience and create a digital environment that attracts business. Our creative designs capture the essence of great digital customer experiences, making your digital presence on the world stage a natural extension of your brand’s core values.

We would love to assist you in taking your business to the next level and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Susan Fenwick

BizBrick Digital

Who Is BizBrick Digital

To help companies achieve their objectives by providing products and services that will allow them to expand their brand opportunities online.
Strive for excellence by providing an exceptional experience and a quality service to our customers.
To communicate responsively and transparently, providing quality products and services on time and within budget.